The versatile elegance of our Natural Stones

The Natural Stones in our Collection, are characterized by excellent physical properties making them particularly versatile for many different uses, from architectural construction to conservative restoration, from urban furniture to interior design. Their density, compressive strength, and resistance to abrasion, fixing systems, soluble salts and atmospheric agents, determine the degree of durability over time. Our selection of stones is inspired by the new requirements of contemporary architecture, which have modified the concept of stone from a load-bearing mass into a cladding and paving material, directing its use towards making surfaces more slim line, using innovative technological solutions that make this ancient material exceptionally suitable for new forms of expression through the creative inspiration of architects and designers .


Solid Blue Savoy Dark ® bathtub and wall cladding – Moonlight B flooring.


Solid Provence Dorè limestone bathtub – Henri IV flooring.

Developments in advanced stone processing technology have enabled the use of unusual and amazing applications, where stone in any form becomes a malleable material opening itself up to the highest expression of creativity, elegance and style in contemporary design.

In this transformation process, the features of stone materials play a fundamental role, especially in outdoor use. Natural stones used as cladding in ventilated façade systems, give buildings a classical aura of prestige, as well as being more economical and environmentally friendly compared to those made from other materials. In this type of application, limestones such as Hauteville and Provence Dorée, stand out in particular, because of their warm and natural colour tones and their resistance and durability, ranking among the most commonly used limestones for use in façade construction and cladding. Besides these, other outdoor applications see the use of materials such as Henri IV, Bleu de Savoie and Ruoms, in their various different finishes, and for their very neutral, delicate tones and hardness.

Villa Esterno

In ventilated façades, our limestones find their natural place as traditional materials which, besides prolonging the life of building complexes and conveying a sense of solidity and grandeur, express the aesthetic, historical and cultural values acquired and handed down over the centuries.

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Facciata Ventilata

Hauteville limestone ventilated façade.


Facciata Ventilata

Hauteville limestone ventilated façade.

Facciata Ventilata

Provence Dorè limestone ventilated façade.


Street Furniture, Decoration, Paving.

Another ideal use for our Natural Stone is, without a doubt, both contemporary and conservative Urban Design, which provides many different possibilities, from paving squares and large public areas, such as the magnificent Trocadero Square at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to Street Furniture such as benches, chairs and decorative elements, as well as the complete redevelopment of urban areas.


Inlay work – Blue Savoy Dark ®, Moonlight B, Hauteville D.

Decorazione portale

Portal with architrave in Chauvigny.

Restauro Conservativo

Conservative restoration work in Luget Jaune.